Impact of Accountability

John O'Leary, national bestselling author of "On Fire: The 7 Choices to Ignite a Radically Inspired Life," will be speaking on these choices at this year's Digital CPA Conference 2017. In this webcast, he and John Engels, leadership coach with over 30 years' experience, will join Erik Asgeirsson, CEO of CPA.com, to discuss the importance of owning your successes, failures and leadership. Get tips on stopping a culture of blaming and finger pointing, and build a culture of accountability. Everyone plays a role in the effectiveness of their team and firm. Use this one hour webcast as short firm retreat and open the dialog among colleagues.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the importance of owning your successes, failures and leadership.
  • Identify tips on stopping a culture of blaming and finger pointing, and build a culture of accountability.

How the Cloud Impacts Modern Day Financials

The cloud is truly transforming the CPA client relationship. Perhaps nowhere is this more evident than in the area of financial reporting and advisory services. In this webinar we explore this more closely from both the perspective of the practitioner as well as a leading accounting technology provider.

Join Erik Asgeirsson, president and CEO of CPA.com, Marc Linden, CPA, CFO of Intacct, and Marcus Wagner, CPA, CEO of AcctTwo Shared Services, as they discuss the following:

  • How today’s accounting solutions are driving agility and improving advisory capabilities
  • Strategies for increasing firm relevance
  • Trends in modern day cloud financials

Will Your Firm Thrive or Just Survive? The Critical Competency for Today's Practitioner

Today, the world of professional education, and accordingly the accounting profession, is migrating toward a competencies-based learning approach. But what are the most critical competencies for practitioners and firms to thrive in today’s ever changing, fast paced business environment?

Most of us wish we had the power to predict future trends, and would benefit by learning tactics to do so. Daniel Burrus is one of the world’s leading technology forecasters and innovation experts and the featured keynoter speaker at this year’s DCPA16. He is globally recognized for his exceptional 30+ year record of accurately predicting how technological, social, and business forces converge to create untapped opportunities.

Join CPA.com president and CEO, Erik Asgeirsson as he discusses the critical Anticipatory competency with Daniel Burrus, HORNE LLP executive partner Joey Havens and the CEO of the Maryland Association of CPAs, Tom Hood. This webcast will cover:

  • The difference between hard trends and soft trends
  • Why it is important to identify trend types
  • Use cases of how these skills are being used in the profession

Sales and Use Tax: What Your Firm Needs to Know

One of the fastest growing niche areas for firms is Sales and Use Tax client advisory services. It’s an area that is increasingly complex for businesses to understand and comply with. It impacts businesses large and small. Audits can be time consuming and costly. The rules are fluid and the target keeps moving. It’s not a question of if there will be additional change but rather how. Will it come through legislation? Will it come through the courts? Clients turn to their trusted professionals when it comes to navigating complexity. Are you current on what you need to know?

Please join Erik Asgeirsson, president and CEO of CPA.com, Andrew Johnson, CPA, and Vishal Thakkar as they discuss:

  • What you need to know in regards to recent sales and use tax updates
  • The basic principles of nexus, and the implications surrounding it
  • The sales tax ramifications of selling online, and how to get a sense of your clients’ activity
  • Learn about the steps to build a sales and use tax practice

Accelerating BPO Practices in 2016

Learn hot technical updates from the experts to be prepared for a thriving BPO (business process outsourcing) practices in 2016! As we are aware, this business line is growing and maturing in accounting firms nationwide which leads to questions on best practices and the need for insights on changing regulations. Erik Asgeirsson and a panel of standard setters will share their insights and expertise on the following technical updates:

  1. SSARS 21 effective date has now arrived!
    • We will share best practices for SSARS21 legend implementation
    • We will review how to setup these new legends in various cloud based accounting programs
  2. ACA (Affordable Care Act) compliance for 2016
    • We will review what firms need to know for 2016 filings
  3. Becoming an Anticipatory CPA
    • Learn more about a program coming to help you gauge hard and soft trends for more confident future planning


We hear a lot about growing business which tend to lead to thoughts of adding services to existing clients, increasing rates, finding new clients, etc. Now factor in the impact of templosion, what is your strategy for a relevant and growing practice? When we think of growth and being future ready you should pause to reevaluate your growth strategies. In this webcast we will cover tactics to consider when growing a future ready CPA firm through a focus on innovation, being responsive to technology change, involving various team members and more.



It takes winning leadership skills to take your team to the next level and leadership presence doesn’t mean you have to walk in and “own” the room. In the office, character, confidence and authenticity are much more important than simply being the one in the meeting who is always talking and directing the conversation. With extreme focus, you will truly concentrate on what matters and get the job done correctly and efficiently.  By leading with presence, you will demonstrate authenticity and sincerity to your team.

Special Guest Speakers joining Erik Asgeirsson:

  • Pat Williams, Senior Vice President of Orlando Magic and Basketball Hall-of-Famer, will use his 45 years in professional sports to provide a view from the locker room on how the greatest players and coaches – Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Phil Jackson, Chuck Daly – have achieved their goals through extreme focus. With practical, realistic information on how you can achieve your dreams of success, you will learn specific steps that you can put into practice right now.
  • Tom Bachmann, Culture Shaping Master Champion with Paychex, will share his 25 years of experience training leaders on how to effectively influence others. He will show you what it takes to lead with presence, transforming simple conversations into dynamic presentations where you become the lasting impression, not just your message.

“Leaders who ignore change risk extinction,” Pat Williams.  Take advantage of this special opportunity to hone your leadership skills to take your team to the next level!



The Affordable Care Act (ACA) and tax reform, specifically state & local taxes (SALT), are topics under constant public and governmental scrutiny. Multiple regulatory updates and changing political landscapes add to their ongoing and evolving complexities.

As a CPA and a Trusted Business Advisor, take this opportunity to explore if and how this fits into client advisory services of today and learn many of the latest updates. During the webcast, we'll cover the must-know regulatory changes and how you can translate the knowledge into strategies to discuss with your clients.


Strategies for Innovating for the Future Ready CPA

New business models, globalized markets, new asset classes and new risk factors make this a fast future of both great challenge, but greater opportunity. The fast future is a collision of trends that are both drivers of productivity and progress as well as represent new competitive advantages. Now more than ever, CPAs need to become future ready – ready to “fast adapt”.

This session discusses the findings from “The CPA of the Future 2015 Study,” conducted by the Institute of Future Studies and CPA.com, focusing on 2 primary future readiness metrics: disruptive technology and innovation and the changing role of the CPA. It lays out strategies how to innovate in a CPA firm so you build your practice for the future and evolve into the new role of the CPA.

You will walk away with ideas on:

  • How to create a culture of innovation and learning
  • The innovations of the future and how its reshaping the marketplace as well as business models
  • How the workforce is changing and how to staff up to keep pace with globalization and the rise of emerging markets
  • How to embrace and navigate change to ensure future success

New Era For Financial Preparation Services Driven By Major Standard Change

The recently released SSARS21 Standard creates a bright line between preparing and reporting services, and is potentially the most significant non audit standard change of the past 30 years. This new standard will dramatically change how firms provide Client Accounting and BPO services, and is something many in the profession have been requesting for years. In this webcast we review how firms can advance their client accounting services based on this new standard. Firms will need to change how they describe and market their client accounting services, engage with clients, as well as deliver these services.

Topics Covered:

  • Details on the new SSARS 21 standard
  • What this means to how you describe and position your client accounting services
  • Changes needed to your engagement letters
  • Changes required to how your deliver your financial preparation services

Foundational Level: Designed for beginning learners who require preparatory instruction before advancing to the next level of education (Developing)


The Impact of the Digital Revolution on the Business Environment

In this two-part lead-in to the 2014 Digital CPA conference, Erik Asgeirsson, President and CEO of CPA.com, is joined by two of our featured speakers from this year's event:

  • Nicolas Carr, best-selling author on technology and innovation. Mr. Carr will preview his 2014 Digital CPA keynote focusing on the revolution in computing and how it is reshaping business and society.
  • Tom Bachmann, Master Leadership Trainer, Paychex. Mr. Bachman will share strategies for communicating in today's world of virtual work teams and changing workplace dynamics brought on by advances in technology.

Foundational Level: Designed for beginning learners who require preparatory instruction before advancing to the next level of education (Developing)


Trends and Strategies for Today's Digital CPA

This complimentary webcast features a panel of practice leaders discussing the opportunities and challenges we face in today's digital world and the strategies for addressing them. After the panel discussion, a leading social media strategist shows how to use social media to communicate your value to clients and prospects.

Foundational Level: Designed for beginning learners who require preparatory instruction before advancing to the next level of education (Developing)


How Trusted Advisors Get the Most out of Tax Season and New SSARS Exposure Draft Implications

In this webcast, learn how the best advisors leverage tax season to open new doors and drive deeper engagement with clients.

A panel of experts also discusses the new SSARS Exposure Draft, frames the issue, helps you better understand the implications and point you to tools and resources that can best position your firm for success as things further develop.

Foundational Level: Designed for beginning learners who require preparatory instruction before advancing to the next level of education (Developing)