Owning Your Leadership


“Most firm leaders are so focused on projects, tasks and supervising others that they forget to keep their eyes on self-management – the skills and strategies that anchor personal and professional growth.”
John Engels
Founder and President, Leadership Coaching, Inc.


John Engels draws on 3 decades of experience as leadership thinker and coach to inform accounting professionals in practice.

As a leadership columnist for the Rochester Business Journal and President/Founder of Leadership Coaching, Inc., John offers a deeper perspective on often unexamined issues that influence how leaders think and behave.

This seven part program provides firms with a deeper understanding of the leadership and relationship skills they’ll need to be an effective leader from any position within a firm. It starts with managing self.


This interactive On Demand seven part program will guide you through the leadership skills that are transforming today’s firms.

Owning Your Leadership | Building extraordinary relationships beginning with self.




Session 1 provides the necessary overview you’ll need to understand the landscape of leadership.


Session 2 shows you how to promote responsibility as well as maturity within the firm culture.


Session 3 dives into self-definition and the power of the “I” position.


Session 4 is all about connecting while cultivating strong relationships inside and outside of the firm.



Session 5 shows you how to build confidence and initiative as an aspiring leader.


Session 6 explores how to manage discomfort and fear while holding everyone accountable.


Session 7 provides succesion coaching and the “how to” for developing both your existing and emerging leaders.




About John Engels

John Engels Photo

John Engels

John Engels founded Leadership Coaching, Inc. in 1996, based on the integration of three cutting-edge research disciplines: neuroscience, Bowen Family Systems Theory, and the evolution of leadership in non-human species. Under John’s guidance, his consulting team continues to draw on decades of learning with family researchers and with accomplished scientists who study the leadership behavior of wolves, elephants, chimpanzees, and other animals.

John earned an undergraduate degree in mass communications from St. Bonaventure University, and a master’s degree in theology from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, CA. After those formal studies, Engels began his "real education” 20 years of study in Bowen Family Systems Theory, and 20 years of monthly visits to a lifer’s group inside Attica Prison.

As both learner and teacher, John has traveled to many of the world’s most challenging environments, including Bangladesh, Haiti, Lebanon and post-Apartheid South Africa. He has addressed global audiences on topics related to the science and practice of high-maturity leadership, including at the American University of Beirut, Caritas Bangladesh, Cornell University, Enterprise Worldwide, The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Japan Family Center, The Port of Beirut, Simon School of Business, Taziki Psychiatric Hospital in Okinawa, and The United States Military Academy at West Point.

In recent years, John has presented new thinking, strategies and skills on “Emotional Maturity in the Family Business” to the heads of university-based Family Business Centers in the United States and Canada. At the invitation of the American Institute of CPAs and cpa.com, John recently produced a seven-session online series entitled “Owning Your Leadership: Building Extraordinary Relationships Beginning with Self,” targeted to public accounting firms in North America and beyond.

Now in its 20th year, John’s nine-month long Advanced Leadership Course, has graduated more than 1,500 top-level leaders.

Currently, John spends much of his professional life as a mentor to executive coaches and family business consultants. Each year, he contributes pro-bono teaching and coaching services to small, not-for-profit and community organizations. In addition, he accepts selective speaking invitations, writes a regular leadership column for the Rochester Business Journal and annually redesigns the curriculum for the Advanced Leadership Course.




“John’s program motivated me to slow down my decision making process with the goals of greater self-awareness and making the choices that enable me to consistently function at a higher level. It encouraged me to reflect on the responsibility that I should take in all areas of my life to become a more effective influencer. Leaders effectuate real change by starting with themselves.”
Katie Brandtjen, CPA
Senior Manager, EisnerAmper LLP




Who Should Participate:

  • Emerging Leaders in Firms
  • Key Staff
  • Partners in Small, Midsize, and Large CPA Firms
  • Professionals in Business Development, Marketing, Human Resources, and IT

No advanced preparation is required to participate in this workshop but this course will include exercises to work through your current leadership challenges.

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