Nominate an Innovative Practitioner

The third annual Innovative Practitioner Award is your opportunity to shine a light on exemplary practitioners who are embracing new strategies and technology throughout their practice, whether taking the initial steps of a long-term plan or already benefiting from early adoption.

Share their story or yours (self-nominations are welcome) in the nomination form, with details of approaches and technology implementation that make innovation possible. Nominations close June 23, 2017.

Want to learn more about the previous winners? Check out their stories below.


First-place winner will receive:

  • Two free registrations to the Digital CPA Conference 2017 — for on-site or online attendance
  • Recognition during the conference

Runner-up will receive:

  • A $200 discount to attend Digital CPA 2016
  • Recognition during the conference

Three additional winners will receive:

  • A $150 discount to attend Digital CPA 2017

As an added bonus, everyone who submits a nomination will receive a $50 discount for Digital CPA 2017 registration.


Rachael Higginbotham
Marketing Manager
Postlethwaite & Netterville
Caitlin Lacher
Senior Marketing Coordinator
Postlethwaite & Netterville

CPA firms solve clients’ problems, and the best avenues to explain how we do that is through our professionals' experiences and summaries of our services. As Postlethwaite & Netterville grew, our experience and service offerings also grew, and it became more of a challenge to ensure everything was up to date and accurate. Additionally, younger professionals are conditioned to manage their own information online and expect information at their fingertips. Rachael and Caitlin had an innovative idea for a tool that could manage our professional bios and sales materials, ensuring that materials are accurate, consistent and available 24/7. They led the development of Pounce, which is an easy-to-use, web-based system designed not only for our firm, but also for all professional services firms. With Pounce, everyone in the organization can quickly access marketing collateral to assist in business development efforts, such as professional résumé, industry experience summaries and service capability summaries. Pounce keeps it all in easy reach with one’s own custom-designed data searches and availability anytime, anywhere via a desktop or mobile device. Since this tool launched internally, we reduced administrative time getting similar materials in our professionals’ hands, which means our marketing department has more time to focus on strategic initiatives. Additionally, in only a month’s time since the software launched externally, demand from other firms has been impressive. We believe that not only has this tool been of significant benefit to our firm, but also that it will help solve similar challenges in many other firms.

Natalie B. Hoffmann, CPA/CITP
Partner, Honkamp Krueger & CO., P.C.

Sparking innovation through a marketing effort, Technology Partner Natalie Hoffmann led her firm to launch its first app. The mobile app streamlines Honkamp Krueger’s Client Patronage Program, in which the firm rewards employees for intentionally shopping at clients — staff can easily discover firm clients, review their products and services, map client locations, get driving directions, submit spending amounts and win fun prizes. Marketing is able to run spending reports by industry, client and employee, to enhance business development and client retention efforts. Results: Receipt submission increased by 43%, employee participation increased by 47%, spending dollars increased by 50%, and manual hours spent by the marketing department decreased by 14 hours per month. The firm’s program received national recognition from Accounting Today (Jan. 2015) and INSIDE Public Accounting (Nov. 2014). The firm also won the Association for Accounting Marketing's Maverick Marketing Award. None of this would have been possible without Natalie.